RuthAnne Snow

Pitch Wars Mentor Bio 2017

Hey hey potential mentees! I'm so excited to be doing this again and I can't wait to find my next mentee.   A bit about me. I currently write YA and my debut YA contemporary novel, THE GIRLS OF MARCH, is coming out from Sky Pony.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have nothing else to say, but I want to throw some good vibes out in the universe :) Hope you have a rockin' weekend!.

stops and starts, puppies and books

Sometimes it feels like writing flows like a river. My current book idea is not like that. Two days ago I was writing (trying to catch up on my JuNoWriMo goals) and I realized I'd made a huge mistake with my character's motivation.

The Pander Troll and Illogical Arguments

I've thought of a new genus of troll -- the Pander Troll. It looks like a really deranged panda, a panda that might live under a bridge. The Pander Troll gets off on saying "controversial" things that (1) will offend pretty much everyone in the target audience and (2) will completely conform with what the Pander Troll's base of support already believes.

Why publishing is a lot like dating

I have been wondering how to write this post for nearly six months. In case you're wondering why ye olde blog has been super pathetic lately, that is mainly why. A long time ago, I wrote a cryptic post that suggested I had good news.

writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 5

writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 5

5. Trust your reader to understand context clues If I said the following, would you know what season it was? Salt-stained streets Leaves crunching underfoot  Heads of crocuses popped up through cold mud Everything smelled of coconut-scented sunscreen OF COURSE you would. So trust your reader will as well.

Writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 4

(Are you getting tired of this yet? I'm sorry. I do think it's helpful!) 4. Integrate your descriptions with your story.

writing tips--descriptions with RuthAnne, part 3

writing tips--descriptions with RuthAnne, part 3

3. Use all the senses We all know the five senses, right? Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Your characters experience these five senses, whether you describe them or not.

Writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 2

Writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 2

Part Two of my writing tips on description is about using specific details. It sounds obvious -- specific details are better than vague details -- but it can be easier said than done.   Look at the column on the left, then compare it to the column on the right.

Writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 1

Writing tips -- descriptions with RuthAnne, part 1

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to teach at a local writer conference. Today when I was attempting to organize my Dropbox, I found my slides and thought the best place for them would be on my blog. So here we go -- "Part One of Vivid Descriptions and Pertinent Details: What Makes Settings Come Alive?" (according to moi) In my opinion, world building is the single most important thing a writer can do--even if (and especially if) the setting is contemporary.

time and money

In general, you can have either time or money -- but usually not both at the same time. I like my job -- it affords me great flexibility most of the year, which really helps when I am pursuing writing for publication. But I also do some freelance writing on the side to fund various projects (house remodeling goals) and pursuits (vacations, writing retreats, and self-publishing goals), and that eats up some of my flexibility.

goal updates: week 1

This past week I read two books (Big Magic* and I'll Give You The Sun**), went to the gym just once and skied once. I also bought new flowers yesterday and attempted making stew for Sunday dinner. It went .